HRC Volunteer Options:

The Human Rights Coalition has a variety of volunteer alternatives as described below. After reviewing the options below you decide that you would like to volunteer please CLICK HERE.

Prison Reporting  This is a weekly radio/internet broadcast that takes the stories sent to us by prisoners about abuse & torture in prisons (& prisoners’ resistance) and gets the news out to the public. Specific help needed: people to take prisoners’ submissions & turn them into articles, editors, people to record for the radio broadcast, people interested in increasing our audience online & with radio stations across PA. Are you a journalism student? Are you interested in speaking on the radio or simply writing articles for publishing? Volunteer to help with Prison Reporting! Helping with the Prison Report takes about 2 hrs per week.

Project LeadershipThe Human Rights Coalition has fought and continues to fight against prison abuse (mental, physical, human rights violations, and solitary confinement). You could help by participating and/or taking leadership of particular campaigns, projects, town hall forums, workshops and other movement-building activities, such as, lobbying, rallying, speaking to prisons, schools, families, churches, legislators, prisons, and the Department of Corrections. Are you passionate about the injustices that occur behind prison walls? Are you willing to stand in front of many to speak out for the voiceless? Then Project Leadership is for you. 

The Movement newsletter/magazine– Written mostly by prisoners and their family members, The Movement has all kinds of articles relating to prisons and the fight against injustice. It reminds the public that prisoners are human beings and keeps prisoners updated; delivering hope to the hopeless; a voice to the voiceless. The Movement is published four times a year. You can help type up prisoners’ submissions, edit and format articles, learn how to put together the newsletter, seek out & submit stories or conduct personal interviews. Are you comfortable with using your pen as a weapon? Do you enjoy fighting with words? Do you enjoy taking photos? Are you a student majoring in journalism? Then publishing The Movement may be your thing. Helping with The Movement takes about 5-8 hrs every 3 months. 

Write On! Prison Letter Writing Night – HRC gets nearly a hundred letters a month from people in prison looking for resources, help, or a way to get their voices heard. Our weekly Write On! work nights help to deal with a lot of this correspondence. We’re looking for people who want to learn how to take part in or host corresponding with prisoners. If you’re interested in learning how to read & answer prisoner letters, document abuse, write to prison/public officials, and how to fight for your loved one with the ordinary pen as your weapon, then please volunteer.

Social Media: A group’s work can become quite successful through social media; for example: #Occupy Wall Street, #Ferguson; #IcebucketChallenge; or #OccupyCentral in Hong Kong. This seemingly small thing of sharing and tweeting is a powerful tool. If you enjoy Tweeting and Facebooking or posting on the web,then please volunteer.

Office Help: Keep the vital work of fighting for the rights and lives of prisoners running smoothly. Coming to the HRC office to answer the phone, check email messages, maintain our newsletter and membership database, make copies, and/or other office task may be the right thing for you. Volunteering in the office takes 1-2 hrs per week. If prefer working behind the scenes, not being in the forefront, then a couple of hours in the office (with a hot cup of coffee) may be for you.

Legal: Routinely HRC receives letters from prisoners asking for legal advice or help. Our answer is that we are an all volunteer non-profit organization and do not have the resources to hire lawyers. We would like to change this response to something more helpful. If you are a lawyer (practicing or retired) or a law student we could use your help, no matter how small, we would appreciate you assistance.

Fundraising: It is difficult to survive in this world without funds; however, HRC has managed year after year on donations from our supporters. We also have applied for and received grants to support our operational cost, rallies, events, protest, and HRC newsletter/magazine – The Movement. If you relish doing “fun” fundraiser events or enjoy the triumph in meeting a challenging target ($$$$) amount, then we welcome you to volunteer for fundraising.

If you would like to volunteer for any of the above or simple have a new idea, please CLICK HERE.