Don't just sit there - Do Something!

    1. Become a Member: We are a movement of people. Each time a new person joins the Human Rights Coalition we become more powerful and our shouts are louder in our efforts to abolish the human rights violations of American prisoners; i.e., abuse, torture, the above the law attitudes of prison administration. 


    2. Donate: Your gift helps to keep our movement free from corporate influence and independent from government agenda. 


    3. Volunteer: Our network of volunteers have the chance to try almost anything from phone banking, writing letters, organizing a group to respond to a crisis, leading a lobbying effort or carrying out our campaigns. We invite you to explore our diverse volunteers opportunities.


    4. ERN (Emergency Response Network):  ERN is a collective method of addressing issues of abuse or torture. HRC uses its Facebook and Email to alert all members of our emergency response network of reported and confirmed prisoner abuses and/or violations of human rights. To stand up against such violations we bring public awareness, by sharing on social media, calling or writing to the prison, news papers, radio, or legislators. 


  1. Start an HRC Chapter:  The Human Rights Coalition is intended to be a coalition of family members of prisoners and supporters who believe that prisoners are human beings (whatever our nationality, place of residence, sex, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, language, or any other status) and are entitled to these rights by virtue of being human. If this is your belief you are welcome to start an HRC in your area. 


  2. Attend an Event.  Events are a great way to educate yourself an others about human rights and to meet other like minded people in your community who want to take action together. 


  3. Partner with Us: