The Human Rights Coalition (HRC) is a grass roots non-profit group of predominately prisoners’ families, prisoners, ex-offenders and supporters.  It was formed, to aid and support prisoners’ families in coping with the stress and hardships created by having a loved one incarcerated, as well as to challenge the punitive retributive nature of the penal system; and, to work to transform that to a model of rehabilitation and successful reintegration to society. 

We are a community-based organization without paid staff.   We are committed and dedicated, but we are not lawyers nor do we have the resources that would allow us to employ lawyers.

Our members and allies—both inside and outside the prison walls—share a common conviction in our hearts to fight injustice, and have no ulterior motivation of personal profit to do so. 

We welcome you to attend our meetings held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 4134 Lancaster Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19104.

You may contact us at:

HRC- Philly Chapter

C/O LAVA Space  

4134 Lancaster Avenue  

Philadelphia, PA 19104  

Phone: (267 293-9169  Email:

To learn more about HRC go to: