*** Originally published May, 2018 *** The Human Rights Coalition is proud to be a supporter of the Poor Peoples Campaign: A National Call for Morale Revival. HRC and CADBI in coalition with a variety of other non-profit grass roots organizations arrived in Harrisburg by bus (sponsored by the Poor Peoples Campaign) adding our strength and support on Week 2 beginning May 21st of the 40 Days of Moral Action. The Poor Peoples Campaign is engaging in a non-violent moral fusion direct action in 2018 over a 6-week period in at least 30 states between May 13 and June 23. The Campaign will force a examination of the entangled evils of systemic racism, systemic poverty, ecological devastation and the war economy. It is intended to strengthen and connect committed grassroots leadership in every state, increasing their power to continue this fight long after June 2018. If you haven’t, as yet, lent a hand; there’s still time. See time table below.

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Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four

Week five

Week Six

Mass Rally in Washington D.C.

Parade flyer by Patricia Vickers

*** Originally published Summer, 2018 *** HRC will have its First Annual Human Rights Parade and Festival on Sunday, September 9, 2018. Our objective is to bring organizations across the U.S. together to voice their objection and bring attention to the U.S. human rights violations sanctioned by the Trump Administration, i.e.; racism, war, female exploitation, immigration, mass incarceration, toxic prisons, clean water and the environment. Groups and organizations who would like to participate in the Parade in Philly on Sunday, September 9th, 2018 beginning at 12:30 p.m. are welcome to contact us at info@hrcoalition.org to register, or you may call Mama Patt at 267-331-6001. We are asking participants to represent a United States human rights concern and create a “human rights” themed decorative mobile floats and/or marchers, music bands, drummers, dancers, clowns, signs/banners, and/or effigies to perform on the parade route.

*** Originally posted May, 2018 *** Shakaboona was granted a re-sentencing hearing as a result of the US Supreme Court’s ruling against the extreme sentencing of children which is common practice within the state of Pennsylvania (as of 2017 PA had the highest number of children serving LIFE sentences than any state in the U.S. or the world). The courtroom was packed inside and out into the corridors of 13th & Filbert, Philadelphia, PA on May 17th for the re-sentencing of juvenile lifer, Kerry ‘Shakaboona’ Marshall. Family, friends, and supporters stood for hours, some prayed, some held hands, and all waited with only one wish, “Free Shakaboona”. Those who were able to stay throughout the entire re-sentencing hearing posed for this astounding photo. Good News! The judge ruled “time served” with a life time of parole, but only if the Parole Board agrees that he is ready to return to the community. Shakaboona is one of the founding members of the Human Rights Coalition and proved to be (against all odds) a self-motivated, self-educated man. He went into prison as a boy and within the restraints of an unforgiving penal system he is now a certified ‘Peer Educator’ and a mentor to other prisoners; he is a community activist inside & outside of prison; he is a commentator on ‘Prison Radio’; serves on the Advisory Council of the Human Rights Coalition and is Co-Editor of ‘The Movement’ magazine; and he serves as adviser to several organizations (e.g., CADBI, DecarceratePA, Real Cost of Prisons).

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