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PA Prison Report - June 11, 2012

In this edition: Abuse Denied at Luzerne County, Sexual Assaults at Indiana County Jail, Pennsylvania further disenfranchises ex-offenders and more…

PA Prison Report - June 4, 2012

In this edition: Retaliation at Luzerne County Jail, Supreme Court reverses Lorenzo Johnson verdict, Prisoner wins $125,000 in lawsuit against DOC, and more…


PA Prison Report - May 28, 2012

In this edition: Sexual abuse and cover up at Albion, Immigrant detention center expands in Clearfield County, Egregious conditions for women at Alabama Prison and more…


PA Prison Report - May 21, 2012

In this edition: Further updates on the killing of John Carter; NY District Court allows class action lawsuit against NYPD; Red Onion Prisoners Start Hunger Strike and more…


PA Prison Report - May 14, 2012

In this edition: Pennsylvania state police allege no foul play in death of John Carter; Lawsuit filed for Lack of Mental Health Treatment in Solitary, OSP Hunger Strike Ends and more…

International Campaign to Release Russell Maroon Shoatz Launched

“25 years in prison + 50 years of age = OUT”

PA Prison Report - May 7, 2012 - In Memory of John Carter

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In this edition: Homicide reported at SCI Rockview; Corbett administration unveils analysis of mass incarceration in Pennsylvania; Ohio Supermax prisoners enter second week of hunger strike and more...

Solitary confinement prisoner dies after cell extraction at SCI Rockview

The Human Rights Coalition has received reports from multiple prisoners in the Restricted Housing Unit (RHU) at State Correctional Institution (SCI) Rockview in central Pennsylvania that John Carter, a state prisoner, was killed by prison staff performing a cell extraction on April 26, 2012. According to witness accounts, staff in riot gear filled his solitary confinement cell with an extraordinary quantity of OC chemical munitions, otherwise known as pepper-spray. Following the attack with pepper-spray, his cell door was opened and guards rushed him, assaulting Carter, who was reportedly unconscious, with electro-shock weapons and beating him.
HRC has also received a report that Carter was subject to a cell extraction on April 19 as well, during which he was also attacked with pepper spray. Prisoners in the RHU have reported to HRC that staff have been issuing fabricated misconducts, depriving prisoners of food, and intensifying abusive behavior.    read more..

PA Prison Report - Apr 30, 2012

In this edition: Medical neglect leads to prisoner death; Frackville officials continue to permit prisoner abuse; Charges dropped against another guard in Abu Ghraib on the Allegheny scandal and more…